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We're hiring! Frontend, backend, ML. React, NodeJS, Ruby, Rails

Beautiful and healthy Norway welcomes you :)

We're hiring, and for the record:

Remote friendly, relocation services provided.

We are GOOD people working with cool tech on GOOD projects.

Our startup Kaukus AS makes democratic processes more transparent, voting tool for politicians making important decisions in municipalities and counties.

The startup Kraftanmelding AS is all about renewable energy, we are specialised in runoff river production predictions and our customers, the renewable energy power plants pay less and get a better service.

The startup Hjemmelegene AS is a booking service for home visits by doctors, testing and vaccinations.

These are examples of GOOD tech, tech that makes a positive impact on yourself and the world. At Rubynor, we make decisions by both heart and mind.

At Rubynor, we make decisions by both heart and mind <3

Rubynor builds startups. Rubynor is not a startup.

We offer more opportunities and perks than mentioned, reach out and we'll tell you more :) is in norwegian language as our target is norwegian business partners. but we are very comfortable speaking and writing english.

If any of these techs below to your liking, apply and make an impact!

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Rails
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • GraphQL

Our latest blog post, setting up own CI server with

Application instructions:

Take a free test on and attach the result upon applying.

Btw, is awesome, free, and built by us, Rubynor. It's a NodeJS, though most our apps are Ruby/Rails.

Frontends, apply here:

Backends, apply here:

Machine learning, apply here: